Cloud Server uses new SSD storage

Our services are constantly improving, so we're on Cloud Server upgrade to SSD arrays. We recently announced a change logos and familiarize you with the main pillars of our cloud services. This is the performance, availability, quality of services and technology. We set goals and follow today expanding our servers for ultra-fast SSD storage.

SSD storage

Our Cloud Servers are now running on SSD

Cloud Servers now are establishing a new disk storage, using only high-performance SSDs. Your virtual servers that will run on the latest Flash technology, delivering a combination of high-speed disk operations while minimizing response times.

SSD disk storage are compared with traditional HDDs or hybrid technologies huge performance, throughput, and especially the minimal response time. Our field tests SSD achieve performance 350.000 to 400.000 IOPS (operations per second) with an average response time of less than 1 ms . Equivalent field using rotating disks only amount to tens of thousands of IOPS and response time of 10 ms or more. Another benefit of the use of SSD array is a small sampling of power (below 100 W), quietly and mechanical resistance.

Why SSD? Faster, more powerful, more fuel efficient servers

The new SSD disk storage complements existing disk array Dell EqualLogic PS6010XV and PS6010E to standard rotary drives (7,200 and 15,000 rotations per minute). SSD storage array uses only server enterprise SSDs and high-end hardware DELL. The field is connected to servers via redundant 2 x 10Gbit iSCSI SAN network can be extended up to 4x 10 Gbit. Ideally, so you can carry more than 2-4 GiB of data per second.

DELL storage

New data medium is supplemented in order to achieve significantly higher disk performance. For example, if your application heavily used databases, high performance and low response times mean the difference in the speed of disk more than ten times. Primarily Cloud Server Windows and Cloud Econom using GUI Remote Desktop Deployment SSD data field is undergoing a significant improvement in performance.

Take advantage of services Cloud Server and get a powerful, highly available cloud server of

What brings new SSD storage

  • 1 Thanks to the SSD, Cloud Server not only more efficient but also faster
  • 2

    Very high performance reaches up to 400,000 IOPS and latency of 1 ms

  • 3

    The data field based on a powerful hardware DELL SSD iSCSI

  • 4

    Another benefit is the small power energy and mechanical resistance

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