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Cloud Disk

Cloud Drive is hosting a high-capacity data storage for simple sharing of data within the company between work teams or customers. Nonstop sharing and backup for Windows, Linux smartphones, tablets and connected to the Internet.

Data space Number of accounts Backup 7/14 Price
100 GB 10 No €1.90 / month Order service
200 GB 100 No €3.90 / month Order service
400 GB 150 No €7.90 / month Order service
1000 GB 300 No €15.90 / month Order service
2000 GB 999 No €27.90 / month Order service

Prices are without VAT. Unless otherwise stated, this is the price for 1 month of service operation.

Why choose our solution?

Data online Data online
Easy sharing Easy sharing
FTP, FTPS, Samba FTP, FTPS, Samba
Unlimited data transfer Unlimited data transfer

Terms of use Cloud Disk

The basic setup of the Cloud Disc service offers up to 10 accesses from one IP address or under one login. The service offers storage of maximum 100.000 files in one directory, where the total number of files is not limited.

Possibilities of access to the Cloud Disk storage

You can access your Cloud Disc in many ways. You can connect it as an active network unit in the Linux or Windows systems, which enables you to work with your data in cloud or as data in a local station.

Our customers

STORMWARE s.r.o., s.r.o.
Y Soft Corporation, a.s.
Lingea s.r.o.
Solitea, a.s.
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Web & Media a.s.