Cloud Server

High efficient and available SSD Linux and Windows virtual without commitment and 24/7 support.

from 2.5 EUR

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Cloud Disk

Keep your data always at hand with
access from the computer or server, phone or tablet.

from 1,99 EUR

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Cloud Mail

Trusted and secure solution for fast sending thousands
of newsletters or newsletters to your customers.

from 19,99 EUR

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Cloud Econom

Keep your accounting on Cloud Server with high availability with nonstop access via remote desktop.

from 31,99 EUR

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Cloud Dedicated

Physical server leased to one customer, which provides maximum stability, performance and security.

from 75 EUR

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Other services

ZONER software additional offers domains, webhosting, SSL certificates, inPage system , inShop and more.

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    High availability and flexibility cloud services establish everyone particularly without waiting.

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    Working on DELL hardware and virtualization platform VMware or Hyper-V.

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    Web services by ZONER since 1996. We have thousands of satisfied customers.

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    SUPPORT 24/7

    Training operators provide continuous operation of servers, applications, e-mail and other services.

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