The Cloud Server service and administration can be run under Windows or Linux operating systems. We will fully install and configure an OS according to your needs and we will look after its administration and functionality during the whole time of the service. We use OS Windows Server 2016 or non-commercial Linux Debian distribution.


OS Windows Server 2016

Windows server is used by companies all over the world from the smallest environments to multi-national corporations, which build huge datacentres with the help of Windows Server. Windows Server defines a brand new category in the world of servers thanks to hundreds of new technologies and innovations. At random we can name new inventions in the area of virtualization, work with storage, network elements, high support of automation, improved users' experience and usability within cloud computing. To sum up, Windows Server 2016 will help you move your IT environment to a new level of usability while lowering costs at the same time.

Standard installed components

OS Linux Debian

Distribution of Linux Debian is one of several distributions which has been developed for a long time. It is based on the GNU (open source) idea. The complete Debian distribution is an extensive and complex unity with universal use. However, due to its extent it is not suitable with complete beginners without further knowledge. We offer Linux Debian with full Apache, PHP5 and MySQL support.

Standard installed components


  • 1

    Web interface for very simple server maintenance

  • 2

    Experience with and knowledge in administration are not necessary

  • 3

    Detailed server monitoring (CPU, RAM, HDD, HTTP, Ping,..)

  • 4

    Possibility of registration, renewal and full maintenance of domains

  • 5

    Extensive system of help and customer support 24/7

Administration centre