ZonerCloud products and services are used by hundreds of customers from individuals to big companies and not only in the Czech Republic. Below is a selection of companies who have used our cloud services.

  • logo Masarykova univerzita


    Masaryk university is a major educational and scientific institution in the Czech Republic and it is a respected central European university with democratic traditions, which have been implemented since its foundation in 1919. It has been the university most in demand in the Czech Republic for several years. Nowadays it consists of nine faculties with over 200 departments, institutions and clinics. It also plays an important part in social and cultural life in the region of South Moravia.

  • logo Canon


    Canon is a leading global company in the field of picture processing. It has been in the Czech Republic since 1994. Since then it has become a trendsetter in all its areas of work, it has built a wide net of partners and distributors and has created a community of satisfied users in home and business spheres. The company is dedicated to ecology, environmental issues, lessening its impact on the environment and it supports the ideas of sustainable development. It holds the ISO 14001 certificate both worldwide and in the Czech Republic.

  • logo eSports


    Esports.cz is the biggest producer of sports content and sports webs and the biggest provider of sports results. It offers the design and daily updates of webpages to sports clubs, organisations and professional sportspeople. It provides sports content in the form of online text broadcasts, written news services, audiovisual clips, e-marketing and running a press center for sports tournaments of leading Czech and Slovak media.

  • logo Stormware


    A Czech software company which has been on the office and home applications market since 1993. In 1995 it was the first company to introduce accounting software, which had been created for the then new Windows 95 platform. It offers a portfolio of mutually compatible products and a complete range of customer support services. The company holds an ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems certificate in the fields of drafts, development, implementation and support of software products.

  • logo Clovek v tisni

    Person in Distress

    Clovek v tisni (Person in Distress) is a non-governmental non-profit organisation based on humanitarianism, freedom, equality and solidarity. It considers human dignity and freedom as basic values. Clovek v tisni believes that people anywhere in the world have the right to decide about their lives and share the rights expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It strives for an open, informed, committed and responsible society both to problems at home and abroad.

  • logo Daquas


    Daquas is a company specialised mainly in software for ensuring basic infrastructure of companies and is the leading global specialist in licence policies of Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe, Oracle and others. It provides complete support with Software Asset Management (SAM) principles and looks for ways of finding the best value software for your company. It ensures that everything in the area of software licences is legal.

  • logo AAA Auto

    AAA Auto

    AAA AUTO is a renowned used cars dealer. It offers the best guarantees to make your sale or purchase carefree, safe and profitable. AAA AUTO has been the leader in its field for 22 years now. It sells used cars in 34 car marts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia. The company has sold 1, 500 000 cars in 22 years and it is the biggest seller of used cars in the country.

  • logo Hansgrohe


    Expert in bathroom and sanitary ware, it employs more than 3,500 people from all continents. With ten factories and representatives in 44 countries it belongs to the narrow circle of global players in the sanitary sector. Hansgrohe "Made in Germany" products emphasise quality and are used in more than 140 countries worldwide. Hans Grohe founded the company in 1901 with a small mill metal pressing shop in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), which is still the company's headquarters.

  • logo Ysoft

    Y Soft

    An international company offering a unique print solution which allows companies and organizations to effectively control costs, reduce waste, increase user comfort and have a positive impact on the environment. It helps organizations to successfully manage and optimize printing, copying and scanning for individual users, departments, projects or multifunctional devices. The company is working with manufacturers of multifunctional devices Konica Minolta, Xerox, Ricoh, HP, Sharp and Toshiba.

  • logo Adriadatabanka


    A travel agency which has been in the Czech market since 1999. Its background of a stable company, rich experience in tourism and thousands of satisfied clients are convincing indicators of the quality of the services offered. The travel agency's Adria Databank online booking and information system was the first online system in the Czech Republic. It focuses on holidays in Croatia and Slovenia and has modern presentation, booking and payment services.

  • logo Bibs


    A private university located in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava, the Slovak Republic, which offers British, Finnish and Czech economic-managerial and legal university studies. The university was founded in 1998 by partners from Great Britain, Italy and the Czech Republic. In 2005 B.I.B.S. received the status of a private university under Czech law, and in 2011 B.I.B.S. University became a member of the AMSP CR (Czech Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses).

  • logo CK Nova


    Travel agency NOVA presents itself on the tourist market as a modern travel agency, which from the very foundation of the company has been purposefully increasing the quality of their services in response to the demands and wishes of its loyal customers. It has also been trying to map and react to tourist market developments. CK NOVA was founded in 1990, where the aim is not only to satisfy customers, but to make sure the customer's dreams come true so they keep coming back.

  • logo Evropský polytechnický institut

    European Polytechnical Institute

    European Polytechnical Institute is the first private university in Moravia. It offers degrees in both on-site and blended studies. It offers special programs for recent graduates of secondary schools; different ones for workers who study there at weekends and therefore do not burden their employer; and special programs for graduates of vocational schools. It also offers special programs and approaches for effective education of the middle and older generations, who urgently need to adapt to rapid social development.

  • logo Inexia


    The company has been on the market in the field of computer technology since 2006. It focuses on Microsoft products and specializes in the development and management of applications on this platform. During consultations in the field of network management, its main priority is to find the optimal solution for each customer. As part of its developer activity, Inexia can offer interoperability of different applications, in which sharing and exchanging data is desirable, but these applications themselves do not have this feature or have it only to a limited extent.

  • logo Insolvenční správce

    Insolvence 2008

    A dynamically developing IT and consulting firm that provides a unique service for insolvency administrators. The company relies on the expertise of lawyers, experts in insolvency proceedings, and above all, on insolvency administrators themselves, who are directly involved in software development. Cutting-edge technological background and technical support is provided by the parent company CCV Information systems, one of the leading players in the field of information systems in the Czech and Slovak market.

  • logo Intergraph


    A leading global provider of technical and geographical software that enables customers to visualize complex data. Intergraph's software for specific industries is used by businesses and governments in over 60 countries. This way they can organize large volumes of data, intelligently manage the world and ensure greater quality, security and intelligence of processes and infrastructure. The company's software and services enable customers to build and operate more efficient production facilities.

  • logo Lingea


    The company has specialised in the development of language applications and creating its own language titles since 1997. It is a software company, a book publisher and a translation agency. It operates in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland. Hungary and Romania. Lingea offers up to 400 book titles all in all. It is a leading supplier of language technology and a partner of major international publishers such as HarperCollins Publishers, Pearson Education, Oxford University Press, or Robert.

  • logo Nicom


    Founded in 1992 in Brno as a purely Czech company. Since the beginning the company has focused mainly on training, technical support and consultation. It has gradually earned a high reputation mainly thanks to the quality of the services provided. NICOM is a quickly developing company and one of the leading providers of complex services in the field of information technology in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • logo Optimal Energy

    Optimal Energy

    The brand was established by joining independent energy consultants operating in the market since 2007. From the beginning, the goal of the energy consultants was to help companies, organizations, units of state administration, and individuals save on electricity and gas. They achieved these savings through expert help with a selection of new electricity and gas suppliers and advice on opportunities for further savings. In 2011, the association Optimal Energy became a joint stock company.

  • logo Růžový Slon

    Pink Elephant

    Pink Elephant has been a modern bricks and mortar and online sexshop since 2002. The shop has its own warehouse and a shop where erotic tools are tested and filmed. The goods are sent within 7 days. The shop Ruzovy slon has received a prestigious Heureka certicifate “Golden Tested by Customers” due to a high number of satisfied customers. You can choose from erotic tools, aphrodisiacs, massage oils, Spanish flies, lubrication gels, dildos, erotic underwear and DVD films.

  • logo W.D.A.


    A specialized company which is a respected specialist in graphics. It offers a graphical solution for web projects from logo design and graphic design projects to the coding of modern HTML5 or responsive templates for clients from all over the world. It offers a friendly, individual approach to clients, no matter if they represent a large internet portal or a small family company. Customers always receive what they ordered thanks to careful planning and an individual approach.


  • 1 Stable, completely Czech company, founded in 1993
  • 2

    Leading provider of Internet services since 1996

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    A wide range of projects, services and products

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    Over 100 employees and branches in and outside the Czech Republic


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