We run highly accessible and flexibility cloud services on the latest Linux and Windows operating systems. Depending on the chosen platform we set up services on VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.


Out of the wide range of Linux operating systems we usually pre-install the Debian version. We can also install other compilations based on the customer's specification.

Linux Debian


Linux is an Open Source operation system based on basis of OS Unix. Linux is available in many distributions, graphic interfaces, installations and packets.

Operation System Linux
Installation of OS (Debian 64 bit., CentOS, Suse, Ubuntu on agreement) FREE
PHP 7.x + MySQL 5.x FREE


We use non-commercial Linux Debian with Apache, PHP5 and MySQL support . Distribution of Linux Debian is one of several distributions developed for a long time. It is based on the GNU (open source) idea. Complete Debian distribution is an extensive and complex unity with universal use. However, due to its extent it is not suitable for complete beginners without further knowledge.

VMware licensing

VMware SPP (Service Provider Program) is a frame through which the service and hosting provider enables the use of the virtualization solution VMware in accordance with their business model. This creates new opportunities for the provider to offer virtualization solutions, applications and services for customers and creates a base for better profitability and success.

Windows server 2016

We install the latest Microsoft software on servers. We can ensure any required installation within the licence agreement SPLA.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

The system Windows Server 2016 is the most advanced operation system Windows Server so far. It has been designed to support a new generation of networks, applications and web services.

Variations and prices of the installed OS Windows and SQL server

Installation and administration
OS installation and server administration for web applications FREE
Rent of OS Windows Server
Windows Server 2016 Standard 14 EUR
Rent of SQL server
SQL Server 2016/2017 Express FREE
SQL Server 2016/2017 Web 25 EUR
SQL Server 2016/2017 Standard 300 EUR
Terminal and client licence
Windows Server Remote Desktop Services - terminal SAL licence SAL licence 7 EUR
Windows Server Standard - SAL licence 7 EUR
Other Microsoft software
Other Microsoft software on request

Prices are without VAT. If not stated otherwise, the price is per month. Microsoft software is rented based on the SPLA agreement.

Features of OS Windows Server 2016

Windows server is used by companies all over the world from smallest environments to multi-national corporations, which build huge datacentres with the help of Windows Server. Windows server defines a brand new category in the world of servers thanks to hundreds of new technologies and innovations. At random we can name new inventions in the area of virtualization, work with storage, network elements, high support of automation, improved users' experience and usability within cloud computing. To sum up, Windows Server 2016 will help you move your IT environment to a new level of usability while at the same time lowering costs.

SPLA Licensing

SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) is an agreement that allows you to deliver software solutions to third parties - customers who receive it from the provider as a service, without having to purchase their own license. The advantage of this type of contract is that it is the only one that enables the use of the same software tools to several independent subjects who do not cooperate, and thus to effectively share hardware, software and services which are crucial for the operation of both.


  • 1 Open source based on Unix operating system
  • 2

    Standard installation of stable version Linux Debian Wheezy

  • 3

    Flexibility and adaptability with Windows server 2016

  • 4

    Any installation of SW Microsoft possible thanks to SPLA contract


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