For e-mail services we offer the establishment Cloud Mail and Cloud Newsletter DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), thanks to the digital signature can unambiguous way to verify the authenticity of e-mail messages. They are used to principles of electronic signature, whose credibility is ensured DNS protocol. DKIM is characterized by easy deployment, without disrupting e-mail.


What is DKIM

For technology for enhancing the credibility of emails, which helps detection of spurious reports. The message sent by the SMTP server is signed with the private key of the sender domain. This signature is stored in the email header. Server recipient compares this signature with a public key stored in the DNS domain records. That the signature matches is shown that email actually came from the sender's domain, and that during the transmission of a message not to adjust it.

How DKIM works and conditions of use

DKIM technology comes from Cisco and Yahoo, and does not interfere with existing email system - is fully compatible with it. The report reflected only the addition of DKIM-Signature header, which contains the electronic signature generated by the sender's SMTP server. DKIM does not impose any requirements on end users and compared, for example, an electronic signature is not needed Install the private key, or its function may not support client sender and recipient. In the case of DKIM end user therefore does not need to set anything and install.

To be able to deploy DKIM signing domain must use our nameservers. To meet this requirement it is necessary that our company has been the domain registrar or domain commissioned a paid service.

Deploying DKIM

To run the Cloud Mail and Cloud Newsletter will activate DKIM technology for FREE.

Enter the following information:

(e.g. | Multiple domains separated by a comma (e.g.,
(e.g. CZ-1234)

Why choose email security DKIM

  • 1 Asymmetric encryption verifies sender
  • 2

    DKIM is FREE of the service Cloud Mail and Cloud Newsletter

  • 3

    The recipient can be sure that the email was sent from that domain

  • 4

    Signed email will not be marked as spam


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