Terms and conditions

The Parties agree to the Terms of Service of the ZonerCloud project.

Terms and conditions

  1. Introductory Provisions

    1. The company ZONER software issues these general terms and conditions which are an integral part of the contract concluded between:

      ZONER software, based in Nové sady 18, Brno, 602 00, registration number: 49437381, registered in the Czech Register of Companies maintained by the Municipal Court in Brno, Section B, File 5824, (hereinafter referred to as "Provider")


      Customer (hereinafter referred to as "Customer").

    2. Customer is a natural or legal person, who the company Zoner Software provides with hosting services based on service orders submitted via the Internet or in writing, in person or by telephone.
    3. 3. By ordering the services of Cloud Server, Cloud Disc, Cloud Mail or Java Server the Customer as well as the Provider agree to abide by the following terms and conditions as if those conditions were printed and signed as a contract. These terms and conditions are valid from 1/12/2014, as amended (Terms and Conditions) and binding.
  2. Subject of the Contract

    1. The subject of the contract is the obligation of the Provider to enable the operations of the offered hosting services to the Customer and to enable the related services on the Internet and the commitment of the Customer to pay for these service fees according to the valid price list of the Provider services.
    2. Operations of hosting services principally consist of the provision of the Cloud Server, Cloud Disc, Cloud Mail, Java Server, virtual server, FTP hosting , SMTP server, data storage, e-mail services, management of DNS domain records and data transfer over the Internet network using a protocol such as HTTP or FTP (these are protocols), and other related services.
  3. Price Arrangements and the Method of Payment

    1. The customer is obligated to pay for the services delivered based on documents which the provider shall issue (unless otherwise specified in advance) to the provider's account no later than the date of its maturity, which is stated on the invoice. The customer is obliged to provide a valid variable symbol, which is listed on the invoice.
    2. Use of the wrong variable symbol can be considered as non-payment. The customer is fully responsible for damages caused by using the wrong variable symbol.
    3. If payment for services is not paid within 20 calendar days from the maturity date, this is considered a serious breach of contractual terms and the web hosting service is suspended.
    4. Renewal of the service, suspended under the provisions of no. 3.c, is possible only after proven payment of all debts.
    5. Renewal of services is subject to a single fee of 40 USD.
    6. If the Customer will require services beyond the contract, the Provider will submit a rough calculation of the price of these services to the Customer for approval before commencing the provision of these services. The Customer is obligated to pay for the calculated services at least up to the amount calculated +20%. In the case of the higher cost of services the Provider is obligated to consult this with the Customer.
    7. In case of delays of the Customer's payment, the Provider is entitled to disclose that fact.
    8. Based on the guaranteed availability of SLA, the Provider commits to return a specified percentage of the monthly fee to the Customer for the malfunction of services provided under this contract and attachments.
    9. Based on the guaranteed repayment 7/365, the Provider commits to return the entire amount paid with no reason necessary within 7 days or part of the payment within up to 365 days, under certain conditions, to the customer.
    10. Fees will only be returned based on a written customer service complaint, which is delivered to the provider within 30 days from the date the service was provided, in the agreed manner.
    11. In the event of incorrectly charged fees for services provided, the customer is entitled to claim the bill for 30 calendar days from the date of delivery of the relevant documents, or from the date of the relevant facts (e.g. a fault in the provision of services), otherwise this right expires.
  4. Rights and Obligations of Contracting Parties

    1. In the case of finding a technical or application problem on the server (e.g. attack on application or system) that could in any way endanger the functionality and stability of the data center, the customer must immediately upon discovery or notification from the provider initiate correction of the problem. If the problem is not immediately removed and endangers the functioning of the data center, the provider can take steps to immediately stop the server without warning.
    2. The Provider processes Customer's personal information in order to provide services of contract. The Provider passes on personal information to third parties only if it is absolutely necessary in order to meet the terms of the agreement. During data processing the Provider follows the Law of protection of personal data.
    3. If the Customer is provided any software licenses by the provider, the Customer may not redistribute the software without prior consent of the Provider. The customer´s right to use the software further expires with the termination of the contract.
    4. The customer is fully responsible for the proper licensing of the installed software on the Service Cloud Server without administration (Customer receives administrator access to the server).
    5. As part of Microsoft products it is not possible for Cloud Server to install software from ordinary desktop licenses without administration and only software within multi-license licenses can be used. Within License Mobility Rights, wherein Software Assurance program is active, licenses can be transferred to the rented virtual server. License Mobility Rights may be exercised only on selected products. It is necessary to fill a form in order to verify licenses with Software Assurance.
    6. When using Cloud Server without administration, The Customer is obligated to properly license all used application software from Microsoft (eg. Exchange, SharePoint or SQL Server) including CAL (Client Access License) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) licenses.
    7. If necessary the Customer is obligated to provide the Provider with confirmation to verify the correct licensing of the used software within the Cloud Server service without administration. The Customer is also obligated to ensure the possibility to verify the real number of employees/customers with access to the given service.
    8. Operating and pricing of the Cloud Server Developer service is guaranteed only until the publication of the final version of Microsoft Windows 10. After that the service will be, after consultation with the customer, moved to one of the standard services of Cloud Server or the service will be cancelled.
  5. Closing arrangements

    1. The contract between the customer and the provider shall come into force and effect upon commissioning of services provided under the contract and attachments.
    2. These terms and conditions shall come into effect on 1/12/2014.


  • 1 Introductory Provisions of Contracting Parties
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    Subject of Contract of Offered Services

  • 3

    Price Arrangements and the Method of Payment

  • 4

    Rights and Obligations of Contracting Parties


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