Questions and answers

In our list of frequently asked questions, there are answers to typical questions of customers who are getting to know our services and need to find basic information about the offered services Cloud Server, Cloud Disc, Cloud Mail and other services.

Questions and answers

Will I have an administrator account?

We always set up an administrator account for our customers with a dedicated server. With managed servers we only set up user's access through ssh or ftp, but the customer does not get root rights.

What software is available on the server?

This depends on individual arrangement. There is only basic SW available with dedicated servers; we install an operation system, SSH, and if necessary, an apache, MySQL and PHP. With managed servers it depends on the customer's needs.

How do I add additional IP? It pays for this fee?

Adding IP addresses happens when filling in the order, where the customer enters the number required. This option is charged according to the current price list.

Can I upgrade HW?

HW can be upgraded according to your needs and the technical abilities of the server. Please send your request to our dealer. You will find the contact here.

Do you offer DNS services?

Yes, you can use our three DNS servers. We have two in Europe and one in the USA for excellent availability from the whole world.

Can I have my own configured DNS?

Yes, you can have your own DNS on your servers or use our DNS servers for free.

What operating systems do you offer?

You will find the current offer of operating systems here: offered software.

Do you offer a guarantee of accessibility of your services (SLA)?

Yes, we choose SLA individually and according to the type of service and specific security. The standard guaranteed availability for cloudhosting is 99,99 %.

How long will it take to set up the ordered service?

It depends on the specific type of service, it is a matter of hours for basic services and days for more complex services.

What can I do if I am not happy with the service?

Please, contact your dealer or support as soon as possible so your problem can get solved. You will find contacts here.

What applications can I run on my or on the rented server?

You can run any applications which are in accordance with Czech law.


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