How we tested the performance of our servers

Cloud services offer many companies, but not every provider will achieve the desired result in server performance. We conducted an objective comparison of cloud services offered by leading providers.

Much higher performance than the competition

Choice of competitive services

To be compared completely objective, we chose companies that are similar not only from the perspective offered by cloud services, technical background, but also in terms of service, support, and last but not least, the prices of services. The actual testing was conducted in the period 10/2014.

To comparative tests were selected following companies:

• Cloud Server by ZONER software
• Cloud Server by DigitalOcean
• BuboCloud by WVG solution
• VPS by HOSTING90 systems
• Hukot VirtualServer by SecurityNet

Server parameters

For each of the selected companies were order the virtual server with full administrative access without additional service. For the objectivity of the results was the main focus is on the basic parameters (CPU, RAM and HDD) services were completely identical.

RAM size? 1 GB
Number of CPU (core)? 1x
HDD capacity? 15 GB (minimum value)

The operating system was chosen Linux distribution Debian Wheezy with all updates.

Methodology and types of tests

All performance comparison was carried out on an open testing platform Phoronix Test Suite, which produces a globally recognized set of comprehensive tests for Linux, Windows and Apple OS X.

Phoronix Test Suite is accepted by IT professionals and the public as a reliable tool for the independent performance testing hardware. The test software is used by independent hardware vendor (IHV), who put their results together with end-users are placed on the Tests were conducted on the version Phoronix Test Suite 5.2.1 (11.7.2014).

Testing was divided into five groups, when we examined the performance of the operation of the basic Web server, Web applications, kernel compilation and then we focused on performance-demanding tests.

Performed tests:

• Running a Web server (Apache Benchmark - Web Page Serving)
• Operation of the application script (PHP Benchmark)
• Kernel compilation (Linux Kernel Compilation)
• Video compression (H.264 HD to NTSC DV)
• Data compression (Zip Compression)

Measured values

From the performed tests of all five groups we received the following results.

Cloud Server Zoner VPS Wedos Cloud Server Digital Ocean Bubo Cloud VPS Cool Houisng Forpsi Cloud VPS Hexa Geek VPS Hosting90 Virtual Server Hukot
Running a Web server? 5304,06 3955,95 3234,37 N/A 2818,02 3809,91 4537,93 1753,73 4083,01
Operation of the application script? 76685 54189 45617 10109 38630 42313 59249 23701 61290
Kernel compilation? 588,08 824,51 1059,95 4264,65 1244,05 N/A 744,7 1813,85 737,42
Video compression? 40,8 85,89 66,9 325,8 79,19 64,35 48,48 104,74 59,24
Data compression? 2724 1911 1447 345 1099 1802 2217 774 1703

Conclusion testing

From the results data is clearly evident that cloud services company Zoner software are significantly more powerful than the competition. Zoner Cloud Server is built on high-end six-core Intel Xeon processors (X5650 2.67GHz), branded hardware DELL a high-quality network components, Cisco. The result is a significantly more powerful servers and the service availability of 99,99%.

We offer significantly higher performance - tested

  • 1 According to tests, Cloud Server considerably more powerful than the competition
  • 2

    Objective comparison on a recognized platform Phoronix Test Suite

  • 3

    Tested on a VPS with 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 15 GB HDD and Linux Debian

  • 4

    Tests are divided into several groups to more competitive server


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