Cloud Dedicated Server

A Cloud Dedicated Server is the ideal solution for every customer who wants only to concentrate on the operation and development of custom web applications. We provide server operation, maximum stability, performance and security server.

Dedikovaný server

  • Performance of DELL servers
  • High stability and availability
  • Own management, administration
  • Linux or Windows
  • Without first and hidden fees
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Service Cloud Dedicated Server is a dedicated cloud server, which is all rented only one customer. The advantage of this solution compared to standard virtual servers are not shared platform and thus significantly higher performance. It can choose from Linux or Windows Server. To have full control of the server, choose your own administration when you have root/Admin access to the server or choose variant managed when the continuous operation of servers, applications, e-mail and other products to take care of our experienced administrators.

Cloud Dedicated ServerBasic
Cloud Dedicated ServerStandard
Cloud Dedicated ServerPremium
from 75 EUR/month
from 150 EUR/month
from 225 EUR/month
Platform Dell PowerEdge FX2 Dell PowerEdge FX2 Dell PowerEdge FX2
CPU 4 Core 3.2 Ghz 6 Core 3.2 Ghz 8 Core 3.2 Ghz
HDD 250 GB SSD 500 GB SSD 1000 GB SSD
Data transfer? Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
IPv4 adress? 1x 1x 1x
Operating system?
Backup 7/14?
Time period

Individual configuration services (contact form):

Server for Cloud Dedicated Server can be configured entirely any individual. The complete quote after you specify the hardware requirements will gladly send.

Server Administration

The variant with its own administration server will have full control when you have full administrator (root/Admin) access. All administration OS installation and setup program runs through any SSH client (terminal) or remote desktop (RDP).

Variant managed to ensure complete management and continuous operation of our experienced server administrators. Using the web interface Centrum administration can very effectively and simply manage domains, web applications, databases, e-mail hosting and other products. It is not necessary to worry about the setup, security, install components or operating system updates.

WHY CHOOSE OUR Dedicated server

  • 1

    High performance and stability rack servers DELL.

  • 2

    Linux or Windows Server.

  • 3

    Own or manage a complete server administration.

  • 4

    Choice of individual server configuration.

Servery DELL


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