Cloud Server Linux

Highly available and flexible cloud services for virtual servers with the highest reliability from Zoner. We run our virtual servers on the clustered solutions from VMware and hardware from DELL and high-performance SSD storage.

Much higher performance

  • Availability 99.99 %
  • SSD with high performance
  • 1x IPv4 in basic price
  • Much higher performance
  • Customer support 24/7
  • DELL and VMware platform
  • Service without commitment
  • 14/365 guarantee of money back

Cloud Server Linux run on VMware vSphere virtualization technology. To have full control of the server, choose your own administration when you have root access to the server or choose managed variant when all operation of servers, applications, e-mail and other services take care of our experienced administrators.

SALE - perfect EFFICIENT SERVERS - 50% OFF for a whole year

The -50% discount applies only to new Cloud Server orders to March 31 2020 for the first year of using this service, regardless of the type of billing period you choose.

This discount cannot be applied to extend existing services or change variants.

Server prices are exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated.
Zoner s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the terms of the promotion.

Virtualizační technologie VMware vSphere
Cloud Server Basic Virtual server Linux
Cloud Server Standard Virtual server Linux
Cloud Server Premium Virtual server Linux
from 5 EUR/month
from 10 EUR/month
from 15 EUR/month
CPU? 2 Core 2.6 Ghz 3 Core 2.6 Ghz 4 Core 2.6 Ghz
RAM? 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB
HDD? 40 GB (SSD) 60 GB (SSD) 80 GB (SSD)
Data line, data transfers 1 Gbit, unlimited 1 Gbit, unlimited 1 Gbit, unlimited
1x IPv4 in the price in the price in the price
Operating system ?
Backup 7/14?
Disaster recovery? -
Time period
10 EUR
20 EUR
30 EUR
Discount Price?
10 EUR
15 EUR

Individual server configuration

Do you have individual requirements for setting of parameters for the Linux Cloud Server? Contact us »

Of course there is access to the server console to perform any service intervention, when it´s not possible to connect to the server using SSH etc.

Server administration

The variant with its own administration server will have full control and you get full administrator (root) access. OS administration, program installation and other setup runs through any SSH client or terminal.

Managed variant ensure complete management and continuous operation of our experienced server administrators. Using the web interface Administration centre you can very effectively and simply manage domains, web applications, databases, e-mail boxes and other hosting services. No need to worry about setting, security, install components or operating system updates.


Expansion of operating memory RAM by 1 GB 6,99 EUR
Expansion of disc space by 10 GB 3,99 EUR
Enhanced performance by 1 CPU 7,99 EUR
1x IPv4 address to the basic one 3,99 EUR
5x IP k server to the basic one 15,99 EUR
Individual administration on request 11,90 EUR / 30 min.


VVirtual server (VPS) is a server that uses part of the power of the physical server. With the help of so called virtualization it is possible to subdivide the performance of hardware and assign a portion to each VPS. This allows for multiple, completely independent individual virtual servers to be run on a single sever.

Thanks to the high performance of modern hardware, virtualization has been developing dynamically and allows reduced costs for providers of web hosting, as well as for customers who can obtain a separate server at a low price. We run virtual servers on DELL branded hardware. As one of the few companies on the market we offer two leading virtualization platforms from VMware vSphere VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.


  • 1 Highly accessible and flexible cluster solution
  • 2

    VMware platforms with guaranteed availability SLA

  • 3

    Services run on brand hardware from DELL and SSD storage

  • 4

    Possibility of full administration by experienced administrators

Guaranteed repayment

VMware Sales Profesional

VMware Profesional

VMware Service Provider


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